HV-Ge Multichannel NIM HV Supply

Subject to Revision
HV Supply for Germanium Spectroscopy
. Remotely Programmable (RS-232)
Temperature Stable
Low Ripple

Electrical Specifications

Input 11.6 to 16.0 VDC 300mA max.

Output 0 to +5000 V, 0.100 mA max.
(other voltages or polarities available)
SHV connector

Ripple <0.5 ppm Full Load (2.5 mV)

Temperature Coefficient
< 80 ppm/°C maximum

Detector Bias Current Monitoring
Ramping can be controlled to constrain bias current

Bias Shutdown Signal Compatibility
Two separate Bias Shutdown signal inputs support all standard outputs

Serial Command Interface
RS-232 19.2 kbaud, 8 bits, 2 stop bits, no parity, no handshake
(other rates available by option)

I/O Connector Pinout
(Rear Panel HD-15)
1 nc
2 RS-232 OUT (To DTE)
3 RS-232 IN (From DTE)
4 nc
5 Serial ground
6 nc
7 bias current sense 1
8 bias current sense 2
9 bias current sense 3
10 custom function
11 custom function
12 custom function
13 shutdown input1
14 shutdown input2
15 nc


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